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5 Tips to Improve Grinding Quality of Machining Process

release time:2018-11-29

precision shaftFor machining shop, grinding is a generally used process for semi-finish machining and finish machining. Grinding wheel is an important cutting tools for grinding. There are some features of grinding that summarized by Hunan New Era:

1. Grinding is belong to multiple edge cutting and micro edge cutting. The grinding wheel is consisted by lots of hard and micro grains using binding agent and through roasting. These sharp grains can pitching-in the surface of workpiece while the grinding wheel is high rotary.

2. While the requirement of precision of machining is high, the roughness of surface is always low. The cutting thickness of grinding is very thin. The cutting thickness of every grains can reach to micron. So the precision of grinding can reach to IT6-IT5. Roughness Ra can reach to 0.8μm to 0.1μm. When high precision grinding, dimension precision can over IT5, and the Ra of roughness will no bigger than 0.012μm.

3. The material can be grinded is very widely. Because hardness of grinding grains is very high. Grinding can not only producing general metal material like carton steel, cast iron, but also can produce some hard material that general tooling can’t machining like hardened steel and some other hard alloy.

4. The grinding wheel have self-sharpening. When the cutting force is over the limit strength of grains, the grains will broke and lead to a new sharp edge to grinding. The self-sharpening feature can ensure the grinding wheels work continuously. This is a special feature that other tools don’t have.

5. The temperature of grinding is very high. Because of the high speed cutting. There will have large cutting heat. The temperature will be over 1000. At the same time, high temperature dust will be oxidation and lead spark. The material property will be changed in so high temperature environment. And then affect the quality of workpiece. Therefore, to reduce friction and heat dissipation fast, reduce the grinding temperature and wash away the dust. We should add mass cutting fluid to ensure the quality of grinding workpiece.

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