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  • 1.What is the main product material
    Gray iron, ductile iron, aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and other customized material
  • 2.How to control the quality of products?
    We have advanced CNC machinery equipment, heat treatment and surface treatment production line, precision
    testing instruments, strict quality control and management system to keep the outstanding quality.
  • 3.What is the main surface Treatment ?
    Painting, anti-rust oil, galvanized, polishing, shot blast, black oxidation, electrophoresis, powder coating
  • 4.What is the main heat treatment?
    Annealing, normalizing, quenching, carburizing
  • 5.What is the proportion of product exports and main export market ?
    The proportion of product exports is up to 99%, and 90% products export to Europe and other developed country.
  • 6.Which report will be provided ?
    We can provide material reports, mechanical performance reports and processing dimension reports.
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