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Gear Drive VS Worm Gear and Worm Shaft Drive Gearbox

release time:2018-07-16

Gear drive gearbox features:

1. The gear is made of high-strength low-carbon alloy steel by carburizing and quenching. The hardness of the tooth surface is up to HRC58-62. The gears are all CNC grinding technology with high precision and good contact.

2. High transmission rate: single stage is greater than 96.5%, double level is greater than 93%, and third level is greater than 90%.

3. Smooth operation and low noise.

4. Small size, light weight, long service life and high carrying capacity.

5. Easy to disassemble and easy to install.


Worm gear and worm shaft drive gearbox features:

1. The mechanical structure is compact. The volume and shape are light, small and efficient;

2. Good heat exchange performance and fast heat dissipation;

3, Easy to install, flexible and light, superior performance. Easy maintenance and repair;

4. Smooth operation, low noise and durability;

5. Safety and reliability;



1. The gear drive gearbox does not have self-locking properties. The worm gear and worm shaft drive gearbox is generally self-locking. The worm shaft as the input and the worm gear as the output.

2. The transmission ratio of the worm gear and worm shaft drive gearbox is generally much larger than that of the gear drive gearbox.

3. Generally speaking, worm gear and worm shaft drive gearbox  performs intersecting shaft transmit (90 degrees). Gear drive gearbox generally operate in parallel shafts and also have intersecting shaft drives (bevel gears, helical gears, curved gears, etc.)

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