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Worm Shafts


Products type:

gear shafts, spline shafts, motor shafts etc

Material: alloy steel

Heat treatment: carburizating, quenching

Surface Treatment: according to customer's request

Machining: CNC lathe, gear keyway machining

Application: agricultural and gardening machinery

MOQ: 500pcs

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to get your Worm Shafts"
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At HNECO, we produce custom precision shafts which can be used in various industries and applications. Our precision shafts are supplied for each customer’s specifications. With our advanced equipments, we can mill, hob, turn, grind, and broach shaft into a particular design.

Shafts can be paired with different parts, such as splines, sprockets, pulleys and gearboxes. At HNECO, we have the ability to have shafts heat treated to a specific hardness and surface treated to a specific roughness. Our precision shaft has been enjoying great reputation in Europe and America. It’s widely used in agriculture, gardening, construction machinery and other industries.

Custom Shaft Manufacturers for OEM Industries

Our production team have more than 20 years of experience as precision shaft manufacturers. Whether you have a complete product design or you need help with the process, HNECO’S Engineering team is ready to review your machined shaft drawings for production capabilities in the thousands to millions.

Shaft Manufacturing Efficiency To Reduce Production Costs, Improve Quality & Consistent Lead Times

Avoid high priced, aftermarket suppliers. Instead, send your custom, Spline, Threaded, Precision, Ground and Rolled component to our production team for quoting. We understand the variety of applications for splines, rolled, cold forged, formed, hobbed, rack rolled, cast and shaped shafts – with experience in meeting challenges in custom engineered parts.

During the production operation such as heat treating induction and straightening, the machine centers securely hold onto the part center-line for grinding processes. Automotive, heavy equipment, power generation, defense, agricultural, off-highway, automated and other industries demand a fast and reliable supplier to manufacture difficult tolerances. We are unmatched when it comes to our capability to design and produce all types of OEM parts.

Manufacturing high quality products can be a challenge. From the important material composition to sharp angles that require tight tolerances to final machined part surface that must be hard enough to withstand large stress operations. Trust HNECO as your dedicated shaft manufacturer, especially if your project requires complex machining and grinding services.

Design Support: PDF, Auto CAD, Solidwork

Packing: Carton, pallet or container


Drawing or sample from customers→blanking→forging→rough machining→thermal refining→half fine machining→rough grinding→keyway milling→ fine machining→fine grinding→cleansing→deburring, surface treatment→ inspection →packing

OEM Design/Service: Our company can supply various custom products in accordance with customer’s drawings and requirements. Please offer us your enquiry with detailed drawings, specifications, unit weight, quality requirements and pictures. We will supply you not only the products with good quality but also competitive price.

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Q: Is sample available?

A:Yes, samples are available. Once samples are confirmed, mass production will be arranged immediately after your authorization.

Q: How can I know my order are going without visiting your company?

A: We will make the schedule for each order and send you photos of the production progress.

Q: How to order?

A: 1. Send the drawing or sample

2. Quote

3. Provided samples before mass production

4. Confirm order after sample approval

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